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Fornesus is a persona created by myself, Chris Fornesa, to manage my business ventures.

But who am I? I am a graduate of the University of Houston‘s undergraduate Liberal Studies program, with minors in Business Foundations, Political Science, and Studio Art. I have been taking graduate‐level classes from Liberty University as part of their Software Design and Management program and I currently work as a Network Engineer.

The intent that I had when creating Fornesus was to create a separation of concerns. While my other brand identity, CftxP, was namely for purely professional endeavors and professional and creative development, Fornesus was intended to focus solely on the business side of things. There is overlap between the two, as both deal with my creative endeavors, but life is complex and, therefore, though concerns are separated by niche, they often work together to form the whole of my body of work.

Mission Statement

Fornesus exists to provide creative value based on a quality focus, artistic freedom, and sound design. Fornesus generates business value through web design and web application development and artistic value in the forms of original work, digital creations, prints, and other creative derivatives.

Vision for Fornesus

Fornesus envisions a world where art, design, and technology seamlessly work in concert and advocates for the integration of design thinking in these fields. Fornesus will help with this vision by expanding what it means to be an artist, a designer, and a programmer. Fornesus simply aims to put humans first by engaging in open and transparent practices, and prohibiting exploitative practices.

Breadth of Fornesus

Currently, Fornesus is composed of my two commercial art services (Fornesa Art and Fornesa Creations), my budding thought leading endeavor (CSF One), and my web design firm (Woke Us Designs).

Today is 01/18/2021

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