Terms of Service

By purchasing a product or service from Fornesus and any of the following websites:

You agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • All purchases are final unless any of the following apply:
    • The purchase was made on accident and Fornesus is made aware of this issue within a three day period.
    • There is an error with the provision of goods for your purchase.
    • No more specific terms of purchase and usage are, otherwise, specified.


  • All downloads (even for free) and purchases of my (Fornesus) work come with the following conditions:
    • Under no circumstances may you pass on any of my (Fornesus) digital, physical or other derivative work as your own.
    • Under no circumstances may you utilize any of my (Fornesus) digital, physical or other derivative work in an AI model without my express permission.
    • Modification can be for educational or practice purpose only (e.g. for school or for your portfolio).
      • I highly encourage you to get in touch with me (Fornesus), regardless of purpose or intent, to avoid any issues with fair usage.
    • You will contact me, directly, if you intend to use any of my digital, physical, or other derivative work for commercial use, an AI model, or any other usage not already stated above.

For any needed clarifications or, otherwise, guidance on the terms and conditions as stated above

  • You can contact me, directly, using my contact form located at this page.